Watch UK TV Abroad Hot Picks

GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2

1. Using a PC/Mac Download the OpenVPN config file you will need shortly by clicking the button below and following the onscreen instructions.

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2. Connect the iNet mango box to your normal WiFi router using an ethernet cable (Use one of the LAN out ports on your normal router and the WAN in port of the iNet box).

3. Power up the iNet box and wait for it to connect to the internet (give it 30 seconds).

4. Connect to the iNet box’s WiFi conneciton (select it in your WiFi settings – It will be called GL- MT300N…)

5. Open up a web browser and type in the address bar to access the iNet Mango box admin area.  Enter the password (the default password is: goodlife).  If prompted change the password to something memorable and take note of it.

6. On the left hand side click VPN and select OpenVPN client.  Click Add a New OpenVPN Configuration. Find the WatchUKTVAbroad (auto) config file you saved earlier and drag and drop it from your desktop.  Click Connect.  

Once connected if you go to it should report your IP address as being in the UK.  If so your all setup correctly and you can now disconnect from the iNet Mango WiFi and go back to using your normal WiFi connection.

Now you can connect any device (Smart TV or Firestick for example) to the iNet Mango WiFi conneciton in order to access UK content.