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iPad/iPhone OpenVPN Connect v 1.2.6 Issue

If you are using the OpenVPN Connect app (v 1.2.6) on your iPad/iPhone and keep getting disconnected you will need to update the app to the latest version and also install the latest conneciton profile for your subscription.  This is due to a bug with the OpenVPN connect app version 1.2.6.

Please follow the steps below to do this:

1. Go to the App store and search for OpenVPN Connect.  Tap Update.

2. Open the OpenVPN Connect app on your iPad/iPhone.  Tap on the WatchUKTVAbroad profile, then tap Delete to the top right.  To confirm tap the red circular – icon to the left of the profile and then tap Delete to the right of the profile.

3. Login to your My Account area on our site.  tap “Setup on my device’, choose iPad but instead of downloading the auto setup scroll down to the bottom of the setup guide and expand the tab to ‘Setup an OpenVPN conneciton‘.   Click on the Email config button and enter your registered email address.

4. Very importantly using the native Mail app (the standard Mail app that comes with iPhone, not Gmail or outlook etc) open the email containing the config file.  Then tap on the attachment and tap Copy to OpenVPN.  The new profile will be available to import, tap the green + icon and then tap Allow to do this.  If prompted enter your iPhone screen unlock code.