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Problem with your subscription email bug

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 13:30 – 14:00 GMT we experienced a system bug that led to some users being incorrectly emailed regarding outstanding subscription fees and subscription deactivation.  We have now corrected this issue and we sincerely apologise for any confusion caused.

What happened?

In a nut shell after updating our system to a new version subscription dates were incorrectly calculated due to a incompatibility issue.  Although we were able to fix the issue very quickly (within an hour) our system had already acted on the incorrect date information and this led to a number of subscriptions being deactivated and an email with the subject ‘Problem with your subscription’ being sent out in error.  Again we sincerely apologise for this and can confirm that the issue has been resolved.  All effected subscriptions have been correctly updated and an email went out yesterday afternoon at approximately 17:00 GMT time to explain what happened and that the issue had been dealt with.

What measures are in place to ensure this can’t happen again?

1. All system changes will now go through a much more thorough testing process and will be tested over several days within a replica development environment that is completely separate to the live service.  This will ensure any bugs are ironed out before any changes are put into production.

2. All changes will be singed off after testing to ensure this process has been followed.

Again we can only apologise to those users affected and we thank you for your patience whilst we dealt with the issue.   If you believe there is still an issue with your subscription or want any further clarification please submit a support ticket and we will be glad to assist you.