Watch UK TV Abroad Hot Picks

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / 11

1. Download the WatchVPN app:

Please Login to generate your download links

PLEASE NOTE: If you see a screen saying Windows protected your PC this is a message from Windows Smart Screen. Although our App is secure and digitally signed by us Windows smart screen can flag updated versions until the file has been downloaded enough times by multiple users. To progress with the install you need to click More info and then Run anyway.

2. When you see the User Account control window click Yes to allow the App to install.

3. The WatchVPN app will then load up. Login to the App using your My Account login details (not your VPN username and password).

4. Once your subscription has been synced you will see two connection options, one for the UK and one for the US. For all UK content & channels select the UK connection so its highlighted then click Activate. For any US content use the US connection instead. Once the VPN is Activated you can then load up the UK channel of your choice via your browser and enjoy watching. We also have a handy directory to make finding your favourite channels, catchup & on demand services easier on our Channels page here:

When your finished watching go back into the WatchVPN App and click Deactivate so your internet connection goes back to normal, simple!