Watch UK TV Abroad Hot Picks


1. Using a device with a web browser connect to your TP-Link router’s WiFi connection.

2. In your browser address bar type: or Then in the menu and choose System Preferences…

3. Login to your router’s control panel (the default username and password are both: admin.

4. Go to Network > WAN.

5. Set the WAN Connection Type to PPTP/Russia PPTP.

6. Enter the following details exactly as below:

Username: enter your VPN username (can be found on your subscriptions page in your My Account area)
Password: enter your VPN password (can be found on your subscriptions page in your My Account area)
Select Dynamic IP
Server address:
Leave the MTU Size at 1460 (the default).
Set the Max Idle Time to 0 minutes.

Select Connect on Demand.

7. Click Save.

To Connect to the VPN on your TP-Link router:

Once the router control panel page has refreshed, click Connect.

To Disconnect from the VPN on your TP-Link router:

Go to Network > WAN and click Disconnect.

When your TP-Link router is connected to the VPN you can then connect any device to its WiFi and you should then find all the UK TV apps/players are unblocked.

This setup guide is based on the TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N which can be purchased on Amazon. Other models can be setup in a very similar way but the steps may differ slightly depending on the version.